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Why Choose Us

When you choose The Kitchen & Makeover Company, you choose a company that is totally dedicated to the art of creating the most fantastic kitchens and makeovers and Mark and Lisa are renowned throughout Essex and the surrounding areas for their amazing work!

Here at The Kitchen & Makeover Company we are slightly unusual – but in a good way! We’re not your average shop keepers and we’re definitely NOT sales people working to hit sales targets. In fact we aren’t even your day-to-day business owners nor would we want to be restricted by being part of a templated national franchise network.

What we are, though, are individuals, and what defines us the most as being so very different from our competitors, is our deep-rooted passion for the most fabulous design solutions for our customers’ kitchen and makeover projects.

The last thing we want to do is sell you a kitchen or makeover!

Our aim is not to sell to you, but to paint a picture and create such a stunning vision of your new look room that you’ll feel it’s something you simply must have. We want you to feel excited and have a spring in your step – and that’s before you’ve even seen the finished result!

We are your local kitchen and makeover specialists and we hope that our passion shows through whenever we talk or meet.

We have always sold kitchens although we are better known locally for our stunning makeovers. To us makeovers are not a side-line or a bolt-on, they’ve been the heartbeat of our business since we’ve moved to Loughton – over a decade now!

And you can trust us implicitly to deliver the look you want in whichever way is best suited to you, your lifestyle and your budgets.

We really appreciate the trust you put in us and take total ownership of the end result. And for you, that means that you’ll get the most enthusiastic service, the most knowledgeable advice and the most amazing outcome.

It's like having a new kitchen

We are really delighted with our makeover and impressed with perry's workmanship and attention to detail. It's like having a new kitchen, highly recommended!

Sandra, Tycehurst Hill, Loughton

Kitchen Makeovers

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Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen Makeovers

Premium kitchen finishes designed and fitted at prices you will scarcely believe. The standard Kitchen Makeover is clean, functional and lovingly designed just for you. The options are classic, country, retro, chic, modern or anything else you fancy...

Bedrooms Makeovers

Bedroom Makeovers

Bedrooms should be where you feel most relaxed and at ease. Fabulous finishes designed and fitted at far less than you'd expect. Create comfort, luxury, style and finesse that you can indulge and enjoy for many years to come...